We want everyone to be able to use Calistree to improve their fitness and quality of life. This is why the free version is unlimited in time, and unlimited in how many workout sessions you can do.

If you want to unlock more Journeys, Equipment locations, or simply support the project, please choose one of our membership offers in the app.

The paid version is among the cheapest compared to similar apps, thanks to an efficient organization and limited use of ressources which allows us to keep the costs down. If the price is still an issue for you, please contact us to let us know why you can’t afford it.

FeatureFree planPRO plan
Equipment locations125
Custom exercises3100
Custom Flows3100
Exercise history graphNot availableAvailable





= $3.75/month



= $3.00/month if using for 5 years

Only available in

You can get PRO access through the app (with Google Play or App Store payment) or by using the Web app, which accepts card payments and is the only way to redeem a coupon/discount code, or to get the Lifetime access.

* Actual prices may vary depending on your country currency and tax rate.