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About calistree

Mobile app focused on bodyweight exercises (calisthenics).

We also offer calisthenics classes in Raleigh, NC.


To help people exercise in a safe, efficient and enjoyable way in order to have a long, healthy and happy life.


Connection – Everything is connected. Our individual actions have ripple effets into the world. We help our users connect in meaningful ways. The tree in our logo symbolizes how exercise progressions are connected as well as how life grows and is strongly connected to its environment.

Education – We provide quality content that educates the users to make them more independant and understanding over time.

Care – Care for yourself; a good spirit and a good body will take you far. Care for your community; good times with your close ones are part of the essence of life. Care for the world; bring your stone for building a better world.

Humility – You are nothing and have much to learn, whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete. Work at the appropriate difficulty level and accept that meaningful progress takes time. Show off to inspire others and not to feel good about yourself.

Bodyweight fitness companion

Workout logs

Track your progress, save your personal records, get stronger.

custom training programs

Programs based on your profile, shared by the community or made by you.

500+ exercises

The most complete boyweight exercises library.

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Search by muscle, joint, equipment, …

diffculty progressions

Train at the right level to reach your goals without getting hurt.

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