Start Calisthenics today with a simple app generating workouts adapted to your level, objectives and equipment available.

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“I hate working out. This app is easy to use, keeps the exercises fresh by changing them up & I can adjust for difficulty. It’s the easiest app I’ve ever used to track workouts. I paid for it after 3 uses. I may actually keep up an exercise routine. I feel pretty good where I normally give up with other systems.”

Damon Grimes

“The total package! It is very clear that the developer has put a lot of love and effort into this app, and it really shows, everything is really well setup, clear with low amount of text which makes it very user friendly. The gamification lever of having skill trees and experience points really tops it off for me and keeps me motivated to keep building on top of my existing skills.”

Jacob-Gustav Bertelsen

“This app is amazing and I love how it tracks your scores like a video game and shows you that you are gaining strength in different areas as you do it. It really motivates me to see in every session that I am working toward my goals. The creator of the app is also really friendly and welcomed my ideas for updates in the app.”

Josiah Charon

“I could talk about it for a while, about how [Calistree] is unbelievably flexible and amazing! There is no barrier, no time barrier, no equipment barrier, no age barrier, no knowledge barrier, anyone can do it, anybody!”

Claire, 45 years, UK

How it works

Step 1: objectives

Objectives allow you to progress step-by-step towards your own goals.

Step 2: equipment

Gone are the days where you can’t follow a training program because of lack of equipment! Calistree adapts to what you have available.

Step 3: work out!

Get a personalized program automatically generated for you and start your fitness journey!

Track your progress

Try to break records every time to gain more experience points.

1100+ Exercises

All exercises can be found by searching by muscle, joint or equipment.

Skill trees

Find the logical progressions between exercises


Kal, your digital trainer, will make sure you don’t get stuck and always progress towards your goals.

Our motivation

Mobile app focused on calisthenics (bodyweight exercises).


To help people exercise in a safe, efficient and enjoyable way to have a long, healthy and happy life.


Connection – Everything is connected. Our individual actions have ripple effets into the world. Your connections are part of what makes you who you are. The tree in our logo symbolizes how exercise progressions are connected as well as how life grows – just like you will grow by developing yourself physically.

Health – Changes you want to see in the world start by changing yourself. If you want to live in a healthy and happy world, then you have to keep yourself healthy first. Physical practice makes you not only physically but also mentally healthy. The most direct path to have a positive impact on the world, starts by taking care of yourself.

Consistency – With your word: say what you do and do what you say. In your training: consistency is what brings progress and help you see it at the same time. As a company: we’re open and public about what we do and we do not forget that fitness for all is our goal and that being profitable is only a means to support this goal.

Variety is life. There is so much to learn, to explore, to understand. Specialization in movement leads to mastery of very specific patterns, while neglecting all the others. The range of human motions and capacities is extremely vast. Don’t get stuck in some ways that stopped benefiting you a while ago, sometimes changing things up is all you need.

Picture of Louis

I started developing Calistree because I could not find what I needed for my own training. I want to help people get fit while enjoying the process, just like I do with calisthenics.

Louis Deveseleer – Founder

See what they said about Calistree

In this Podcast with Matt from Red Delta Project, we talk about how Calistree was born, what makes up a good workout program and how those elements are baked into the app.

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