Calistree logo: the Tree

When starting to think about designing a logo for Calistree, I had these things in mind:

  • It should be a simple shape, which can still be recognizable even when very small.
  • It should have a link to what Calistree is about.

I’m not good at graphic design or at being artistically creative, but I still had fun with the process and I’m quite happy with the result. Here are some of the iterations it went through, starting with the first doodles and ending with the current logo.

Calistree Logo: white tree-like simplified shape on gradient orange background

This shape has several meaningful interpretations:

  • The nodes and how they connect is similar to the Skill Tree used in the app. You progress from one variation to the next, always discovering new exercises and pushing your limits.
  • The fact that it branches off from one node to two nodes shows that you can have several possible paths to progress: it’s not linear and each person should explore the possibilities to find what works for them.
  • The organic shape reminds me of a plant growing, just like one grows as they develop their skills and get stronger.
  • The graph structure also represents the way the underlying database used for the app is structured: a deeply interconnected graph database, making links between exercises, muscles, joints, equipment, objectives…
  • The tree-like shape, with a strong base and smaller branches, is a reminder of how important a strong foundation is. In training, progressing too fast towards fancy exercises can lead to injury, and one should always spend time working on the foundational exercises, such as pushups and rows.
  • The connected nodes also remind us of how everything is connected.