App update 4.5

We now have over 1200 exercises in the library!

Changes with this new version:

  • 120 videos of yoga poses and their progressions (shot with Stacy Ingham, Ashtanga teacher in Raleigh) to improve the quality of the demonstrations and add variations and new branches in the library. The yoga exercises technique descriptions will be added in the coming weeks.
  • For a few dozen exercises, we now have the choice between two athletes (one female, one male). By default it selects the best quality video, and the option you choose will stay saved.
  • The creation of a link for the bio is fixed.
  • The set timer objective now has a minutes option to avoid having to do math during the workout.
  • Suggestions based on the linked Journey will show when you add an exercise during a workout session, to give you more inspiration.
  • Exercise descriptions added for all one-arm handstand progressions and all weighted exercises. We’ll try to complete all exercises descriptions this year!
  • Small tweaks and fixes in the generation algorithm and in the exercise library (including burpees as Flows).

This week we’ll be working on combining the Calendar page with the Journeys page, and on adding multi-color themes options.

Have a great week and good training!

List of added new exercises:

Assisted boat pose
Tuck boat pose
Advanced tuck boat pose
Thread the needle pose
Upward Salute
Standing half forward bend
Knee-support half forward bend
Shin-support half forward bend
Bent-legs forward fold to ankles
Bent-legs forward fold to ground
Standing forward fold feet over hands
Ankle-support triangle
Block-support triangle
Fingertips revolved triangle
Ankle-support revolved triangle
Block-support revolved triangle
Extended side angle pose
Block-support side angle
Elbow-support side angle
Kneeling revolved side angle prayer hands
Revolved side angle hand inside
Revolved side angle prayer hands
Revolved side angle pose
Staff pose
Easy seat
Fish pose
Lotus fish pose
Advanced fish pose
Supported advanced fish pose
Locust pose
Supported locust pose
Side bow pose
Hip-support camel pose
Block-support camel pose
Raised ankles camel pose
Sitting half lotus forward fold
Sitting bound half lotus forward fold
Sitting one-leg forward fold
Sitting bound one-leg forward fold
Supported half lotus
Sitting half lotus forward fold
Sitting bound half lotus forward fold
Half cross-leg spinal twist
Elbow half cross-leg spinal twist
Supported cross-leg spinal twist
Cross-leg spinal twist
Sitting revolved spinal twist
Strap-assisted revolved spinal twist
Sitting bound revolved spinal twist
Supported sitting half lotus revolved spinal twist
Elbow sitting half lotus revolved spinal twist
Sitting bound half lotus revolved spinal twist
Wall forearm stand
Standing straddle head to ground
Standing straddle hands on hips
Standing straddle plow
Pyramid Pose
Pyramid pose hold elbows
Standing reverse prayer
Standing front leg toe hold
Standing side leg toe hold
One-leg downward dog
Bent-leg pigeon
Block-support pigeon
Low tree pose
Supported half moon pose
Knee-support side plank
Sitting pike pull feet
Standing front leg pull