App update 4.13

Here is another batch of exercises added to the Calistree library! With these 93 new exercises and 15 new flows, we now have a total of over 1300 exercises. If you learned 5 new exercises every week, that would be enough to keep you busy for 5 years!

Have fun training and enjoy your week.

New exercises:

Tuck plank
Lying flutter kicks
Lying scissors
Plank jack
Toe stretch
Donkey kick
Straight leg donkey kick
Partial middle split
Baby back roll
Shoulder back roll
Shoulder forward roll
Forward roll
Bound cross-leg spinal twist
Knee archer pushup
Dead bug march
Alternating dead bug
Lying cross toe touch
Seated scissors
Double crunch
Cross body crunch
Supine one-leg fold
Sitting piriformis leg raise hold
Side kick-through
Front kick-through
Frog walk
Hollow side body hold
Side body crunch
Hollow side body hold arms down
Side body crunch arms down
Assisted supine one-leg fold
Butt walk
Straight legs butt walk
Butt balancing pike fold
Butt balancing straddle fold
Butt balancing one-leg up
Butt balancing one-leg out
Square forearm supine plank
Supported partial middle split
Half lotus
Side upward dog
Partial front split
Low plank
Deep squat hold
Extended puppy pose
Seated twist
One-leg forward bend
Palms down fingers forward wrists circles
Palms down fingers forward elbows rotations
Palms raised side-to-side
Palms up fingers back elbows rotations
Palms down fingers to the sides side-to-side
Palms up fingers to the sides side-to-side
Trunk rotation
Trunk rotation arm swing
Arm crossover
Arm flexion extension
Curtsy lunge
Assisted back scale
Assisted front leg swing
Assisted side leg swing
Tuck handstand
Front leg swing
Side leg swing
Wide horse stance
Inside kick
Outside kick
Side kick
Roundhouse kick
Front push kick
Front snap kick
Elephant walk palms down
Elephant walk toes hold
Standing triceps stretch
Hold hands behind the back
Opposite palms pressed together
Back hands pressed together
Fingertips pressed together
Tibialis raise
Wall push one-leg calf stretch
Wall push calf stretch
Wall bridge raise
Wall triceps pushup
Wall sit
One-leg wall sit
Banded wall sit
Assisted diagonal stretch
Couch stretch
Knee to wall
Jumping step-up
Box shuffle

New flows:

Quick wrists warmup
Thorough wrists warmup
Deck squat
Body side roll
One-leg deadlift knee crunch
One-leg deadlift hop
Lunge knee crunch
Flying knee lunge
Candle jump
Roll burpee
Standing wrists warmup
Plank jack thrust
Tripod headstand forward roll
Levitating side kick through