App update 4.11

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Many users create amazing training plans with Calistree and it’s now become easier to share all these great ideas with each other.
– See a Session you like when browsing the feed? -> Create a Journey with it.
– Find a user with some awesome training plans? -> Create Journeys based on their Programs.
– Wanna share your program with your friends? -> Simply send them a link!

The readiness indicates how “ready” you are to perform an exercise, based on the difference between its strength and flexibility requirements and your estimated level. You can now see these requirements at any time, even if you’ve already performed the exercise.

The recently added “Audio guidance” feature also reads your personal exercise Notes – unless you don’t want it to, which you can now decide with this new toggle.

Are you concerned about your personal data becoming unavailable if you cancel your account? Not an issue anymore! You can now export all your logs in Json format.

Happy training and have a great week!

Pergunta para os brasileiros: Vocês acham que faz mais sentido usar “Skill Tree” ou “árvore de habilidades” na versão em português

Thanks a lot to @handstand_project for the Portuguese translation of the app!
Brazil is the third country with the largest amount of Calistree users (close behind USA and UK). Can it become first?