App update 4.0

Social features are here! Connect with your workout buddies and motivate each other to always push yourself to be better.

This burgeoning new system is replacing the old “follower/following” system and since this is an important breaking change, Calistree version is leveling up to version 4 (last major version change was when we introduced the Journey concept to replace standalone Programs).

More social features will come in the future, but we prefer adding them slowly and progressively to ensure a good user experience. Please contact us if you have any ideas to share!

More minor changes accompanying this new app version:

  • Sync deleted sessions between devices.
  • Fix bug with the +15 button in the rest timer.
  • Remove private profile option.
  • Fix exercise history graph with empty bodyweight history.
  • “Add to session in progress” adds the new exercise at the current position instead of the end of the program.
  • Animate list of sets wen adding a new set.
  • The “… days ago” test now also indicates hours or minutes for recent sessions.
  • Improve UI for Equipment location and Journey selection during a session.

That’s all for now, happy training today!