App update 3.27

This update was cooking for a long time, because of the high number of new exercises to process, but also because these required additional set parameters, equipment and joint movement to be added. Overall, these changes keep pushing the exercise library to be more exhaustive and organized.

The new set parameters (Angle and Length) were particularly complex to integrate in the app, but they are great additions that will allow more precise tracking of your progress.

On the small tweaks side, we added a quick “+15 seconds” button on the rest timer when you want to breathe a little longer, and fixed an issue where joint movement arrows were not visible in dark mode.

Next in line are the social features: we’re going to improve the way you connect with other users to make it easier to exchange and support each other.

Have a nice weekend!

Full list of added exercises:

Prone hyperextension
Ledge calf raise
Single-leg ledge calf raise
Lying tuck raise
Lying advanced tuck raise
Straight-leg reverse crunch
Plow pose
Decline L-sit
Twisting sit-up
Lying side leg raise
Supine plank raise
Wall bridge pushup
Incline bridge
Supported bridge
Bridge raise
Head tap bridge
Wall walk bridge
One-arm bridge
One-leg bridge
Half pushup
Uneven pushup
Half one-arm pushup
Sliding archer pushup
Walking gecko pushup
One-leg pushup
Staggered pushup
Side-staggered pushup
Tuck candle pose
Candle pose squat
Sliding pistol squat
Incline lunge
Side-Staggered Squat
Front-Staggered Squat
One Leg Chair Squat
Wall lunge
Assisted incline lunge
Assisted deep lunge
Standing row
Half pullup
Wrist-grab one-arm pullup
Elbow-grab one-arm pullup
Strap-assisted one-arm pullup
Elbow press
Advanced hanging knee raise
Kip release-regrip pullup
Kip switch-grip pullup
Tuck hanging clutch flag
One-leg hanging clutch flag
Half-layout hanging clutch flag
Hanging clutch flag
Tuck Clutch Flag
One-leg clutch flag
Half-layout clutch flag
Clutch flag
Hanging press flag
Wrestler bridge
Assisted wrestler bridge
Front neck bridge front and back
Front neck bridge side-to-side
Assisted front neck bridge front and back
Assisted front neck bridge side-to-side
Single towel hang
Split towel hang
Twin towel hang
Climbing towel hang
One arm towel hang
Hand to fist
Wall fingertip pushup
Incline fingertip pushup
Knee fingertip pushup
Neck lateral flexion
Neck flexion and extension
Neck rotation
Neck circle
Neck packing
Neck retraction
Neck retraction and extension
Prone neck retraction
Prone neck retraction and extension
Sidelying neck rotation
Commando pullup
Box jump
Supine hip flexor stretch
Head-assisted crow pose
One-leg crow pose
Prayer stretch
Butcher’s block stretch’s-block-stretch?cat=e
Supine pike fold
Straddle lalanne pushup
Lalanne pushup
Front lever lean
Back lever lean
Rings v-sit
Leg raise circle
Plow raise
Neck warmup
Rolling compression